Ask, Won’t You! (पूछो तो सही) is a basically a writing experiment in my attempt to seem smart.

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1 year of therapy and 20 years of living

Very close to today, around 13th of march, was my first therapy session. I was an emotional wreck who needed to deal with her anxieties to be able to focus on her exams. My first therapy session was me just spilling out my anxieties. My anxieties were mostly internal- it was how about I felt […]

Grounding techniques

The following work is a satire. There is an exercise you do when you’re anxious and are in the middle of an anxiety attack. It’s called a grounding exercise. In that exercise, you situate yourself in the place you’re in, physically. You could do so by any means- by remembering the date, time and year […]

Vanity in a 1:1 box

Disclaimer: The following work is a satirical piece, do not take it seriously! Self love is idolizing yourself. You are the winner, always, you don’t need no others. Self love is being so shameless that “screw others” is forever screaming in your head. Self love is taking a picture for your damn self and validating […]

Everyday is Existential Crisis Day

A while ago, I’d read a tweet by a writer I really like, Rega Jha, in which she congratulated 12th grade toppers and overachievers, later commenting how soon, in your late twenties, after all that overachievement, you’ll find yourself in therapy. I remember laughing over this and mentioning it to my therapist during an existential […]


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